Sending a BCC Mail does not work?

Zend-Mailer does not Support BCC on SMTP transport. It drops the Bcc header before sending the mail.

A solution could be to clone the mail and replace the receiver

Plugin-Manager still shows Trial-Version

Open Plugin-Manager and press the Button “Synchronize licenses”. When the button does not exist in your used Version:

  • Login in your Shopware Account in Plugin Manager
  • Clear all cookies of the Page
  • Login in your Backend
  • Licenses should be now synchronized in Background

Smarty Plugins missing on Finish Page

Can be only fixed with an Update to Shopware 5.4.0

Forms are without fields

The Security Plugin “SwagSecurityHotFix201701” drops in newer version all fields. It can be uninstalled and removed from System

Failed to parse time string (NULL) at position 0 in attributes

This issue happens on MariaDB Installations. You should switch to MySQL or update to the newest Shopware version.

Infinite Scrolling does not work anymore

Maybe you have a empty character or line in your config.php at <?php tag